Top Lawyer in Uk

Top Lawyer in Uk

Lawyers get bad press, are known as parasites and leeches in the street to the person who can be accused of only thinking about an exorbitant fee to get a divorce. There are different legal systems around the world, but the highest paid lawyers work for the tobacco industry in the US. They are certainly being paid high dollar to keep matters out of court, and people who operate this way are generally not well liked by the general public.

The situation is different in the UK and Brits are not (yet) as litigious as their American counterparts, who sue at the drop of a hat. Lawyers who are the top dogs in the UK are barristers and silks, particularly those who specialize in tax law. There are certainly high-profile barristers who specialize in helping their clients hang on to their cash in celebrity divorce cases (such as Paul McCartney’s much-publicized divorce from Heather Mills).

The highest-paid lawyers in both Britain and the United States are those who work in major cities, London in the UK and New York and the District of Columbia in the US. A partner in a top law firm in any country in the main centers can earn a higher salary than other lawyers who work in back alleys or in other cities.

Top Lawyer In the UK one can expect to earn a salary in excess of £1 million a year, and in the States, top lawyers who receive a share of their court winnings can earn much higher figures.

Solicitors in the UK typically receive a share of the total annual profits of a private law firm, with the most senior partners receiving a higher percentage than less experienced partners. Certainly in both the countries a young lawyer starting his career cannot expect to get the same salary as one who has years of experience. In states, a lawyer working for the state will have a stable job and income, but will not get as much as his/her counterparts working for top private firms.

People pay a lawyer according to their experience and track record, so the better a lawyer is at winning cases, the more money they can demand and get. This means that successful attorneys will always be in demand and can ask for virtually whatever amount they want, because the client who wants to win the case will pay the asking price.

Top Lawyer in Uk

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