Stop Hair Fall, Causes and Remedies

Stop Hair Fall, Causes and Remedies

1. Reasons for hair Fall

There is no single reason for hair loss. There can be many reasons for this. It happens for different reasons in different people. Which we will discuss in the next paragraph and identify your reason from these reasons and treat yourself accordingly.

Lack of nutrients in food

If your diet does not contain the nutrients that are essential for hair, then there can be a problem of hair fall. The most important thing for hair is protein, because our hair is made up of maximum protein only. You must have seen that the person whose food contains protein, they have good hair. People who eat meat have very good hair because a lot of protein is found in them.

The list of protein rich food is given below.

  • Milk
  • Meat
  • A kind of cheese
  • eggs
  • Soybean
  • peanuts
  • in parties
  • in gram and moong dal
  • dry fruits etc.
  • mental stress –

Hair falls out due to mental stress too. whatever it is
Like, be it about family, studies, or job, so avoid mental stress.

Having Fever

If you have fever for a long time. Or if fever comes again and again, then your hair will start falling, so get your fever cured soon, fever causes anemia in the body, due to which there is iron deficiency in the body. Which weakens the hair.

Lack of Sleep

By taking less sleep, your mind does not get rest, due to which your mind remains disturbed throughout the day, irritability remains. Due to which stress arises which harms your body and hair. Good sleep is very important for good hair.

Genetic Reasons

Hair fall is also due to genetic reason but with good care we can save hair and stop it for long time which I have done because my family also has hair fall problem and I have saved my hair.

Use of chemicals in hair

Nowadays people use different types of chemicals in hair, use different types of creams and shampoos to color hair. All these things spoil the hair. Try to avoid them as far as possible.

Busy Lifestyle and Smart Phone

Due to the busy lifestyle, people are unable to pay attention to their health, due to which it has a bad effect on our hair.

And the rest of the work is removed by the smart phone because the remaining time is consumed by the smart phone, which makes us sleepless, which creates mental stress, which harms the hair, because good sleep is a boon for the hair.


Dandruff is the biggest reason for hair fall. This is the biggest enemy of hair, it weakens the roots of hair. And cuts the hair and makes it fall. And closes the roots of the hair, if you do not treat dandruff, do not cure it, then no remedy will work and your hair will continue to fall, because it has happened to me, earlier I also used to have dandruff, mostly in winters. happens in

My hair used to break, with Dandruff there is itching or infection in the scalp, which damages the hair, if you have this problem, then show a good DERMATOLOGIST and follow his advice. That all these things have happened in front of my eyes, it takes at least 6 months to get the result, but you will definitely get the result. That’s why show the doctor in time, your strength will be saved and you will come back.

Ways to prevent hair fall –

See hair doctor

If there is any problem in your hair or hair fall, then first of all show it to the doctor, if you love your hair, then you will lose your strength by going here and there, follow the doctor’s advice and follow it.

Tips to keep hair healthy and prevent hair fall

  • eat a balanced diet
  • eat green vegetables
  • eat protein rich food
  • Consume more fruits and juices
  • eat almonds and walnuts
  • drink more water
  • Sleep well, go to bed early and wake up early
  • exercise and play games
  • keep your mind stress free
  • eat biotin rich food
  • drink green tea
  • eat amla
  • take ashwagandha
  • eat milk and eggs


If you have 20 to 25 hair fall everyday then it is normal. And these hairs come again. If it is more than this, then eat the claim of multi-vitamins, immediately your hair loss will stop because if you are lacking something, it will be fulfilled. If it doesn’t stop even then see a doctor.


By exercising and running, your body remains fit and the blood reaches the whole body well. By running, the pumping of blood is done to the brain, due to which all the nutrients reach the hair and the stress from the brain ends.

Get good sleep and avoid stress

Good sleep is very important for good hair and good health, good sleep gives rest to the mind and body and sleep repairs the body and mind, but nowadays Smartphone has snatched everyone’s sleep, so good sleep is very important.

Use curd in hair

Applying curd to the hair nourishes the hair, keeps the hair soft, curd helps in eliminating dandruff from the hair and provides protein to the hair.

Consume Amla –

Amla is the most important thing for hair, it has all the nutrients which are very important for hair.

Avala is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which are very important for hair. Avala helps in darkening of hair.

Onion juice

Onion juice is very beneficial for hair, it prevents any kind of itching and skin allergies in hair and is rich in antioxidants which strengthens hair and prevents hair fall. And helps in hair growth.

Stop Hair Fall, Causes and Remedies

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